A day in Panti Asuhan

December 17, 2009 § Leave a comment

Well, yes.. I visit an orphanage, before christmas, to share the miracle and the gospel, and the things that makes you smile.. All I did was some candid photos. The room is pretty dark to begin with, There were not enough light. And, this is the first time I used an omni bounce. The results were pretty decent. The light spread out evenly towards the room, but There were not enough light contrast, or variety of light, beside my nissin flash. The place was really hot. Lesson learned! Prepare at least two t-shirts, cause you’ll never know what would happen. And wear something comfortable!!! COMFORTABLE!!!!


Playing with multiple exposure

December 4, 2009 § Leave a comment

Shooting the city scene at night is full of struggle for me, but after 10 to 15 minutes, I started to get a hang of it. It’s fun to take a long exposure of something while at it, try to have fun by moving the focus in and out. Wualahh.. surprisingly.. You have created a masterpiece.. For a steady result, and to get what you want.. I like to use tripod. With the tripod, I can take longer exposure, and.. This time I tried to challenge my self to take everything with ISO 200.. why? to have the smooth effect lha! Well.. This is my study on multiple exposure.. enjoy.

Abstract by camera toss

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Boy! camera toss it’s fun! I’m still an amateur in this, but this study has taught me that Camera toss need a smooth flow, and a sturdy hand. Plus, we need to know what kind of picture that we want to achieve. Funny huh? yeah! that’s right! sometimes you can get lucky, but in this study, I learn how to recreate the one that i took, Even though is not exactly the same, but i manage to get almost the same pattern, and stuff. I call this photos.. “The view from my apartment”, ENJOY!!!


December 4, 2009 § Leave a comment

This is a lucky shot from my apartment. Hm.. I hope you guys like it

Food anyone?

June 2, 2009 § 2 Comments

Dapur siam, it took me three days to shoot around fifty kind of food. It’s extremely exhausting, but worth it, I think I have grown to be a better fotographer. Respect thy nature! I got one hellish nightmare story for a photographer that happen to travel from Jakarta to bogor.. It happened on the last night, the third day. It was raining hard. Thunder, Lightning! you name it, and the most terrible enemy that you don’t want to meet. LARON! They are a group of bugs, big and small.. and gather around at warm place, like your lighting equipment for instance. The food that we took photos of was like a war zone betwee human and insect.. and.. It was happening on the last food! so our plan was to wait until the rain stop. But what happen? suddenly, the electricity went out, and that complete my day! so.. a new thing to learn.. when you shoot for food.. NO OUTDOOR! especially in places that rain often and have a lot of bugs problem, cheerios!

Humanism photos

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This is when I tried to be a humanistic photographer, It doesn’t quite work for me I guess.. Funny story, the second photo, the bottom one, his friends ask me o take a picture of this guy. Great friends indeed.. So what do you think? What is a humanistic photo?

Animals is hard to shoot

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Taking photo of dogs is not easy.. Especially for me.. since I’m kinda affraid of them, so you need to find a dog that afraid of you. Just a little tip.. do you know, when you jongkok.. okay..can somebody help me with the word jongkok? If you squat down suddenly, most dogs will stay away from you, some will run away from you, well.. some will jump toward you, so.. please be wise and carefully choose your dogs to shoot. This photo was taken in the same day when I visit the kota tua. Yeap, last saturday..